AWAA is a national organisation with a BIG vision and mission


Our Vision

Our vision is a diverse, equitable, inclusive,and welcoming adventure space for all women, valued and respected by commercial enterprise, free of ceilings and restrictions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine adventure by empowering every woman to be an adventurer. We aim to demonstrate this and lead by example. 

We campaign for industry viability and value for women working in the adventure space. 

We build a community of connected and engaged female adventurers. 

We are the advocates and influencers in the women’s adventure space aiming for collaboration and accountability. 

Our Values

We believe that adventure is an attitude.

We believe that we are the guardians of the women’s adventure space; ensuring it remains safe from judgement and free from discrimination.

 We believe that every woman is an individual and blazes her own trail. We exist to support her.

We believe that adventure offers every woman freedom and empowers us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

We acknowledge intersectionality (Ethnicity, Race, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Disability, Socioeconomic Status and other categories of identity)and are committed to empowering those whose identities have been underrepresented. 

With open hearts and minds we express the joy, optimism and gratitude adventure inspires in us, through our words, thoughts and actions.


In the Beginning

It all started on November 18 -19 2017 with an invitation to meet and discuss how we can collaborate and move Australian Women's Adventure forward. Some of those founding members have focussed on growing their own business and some are on the AWAA committee. The future looks very very bright indeed. Two years (almost) later and we are fully fledged association with an organising committee and a team of amazing volunteers. Watch this space as we grow and work towards connecting and engaging all women in the adventure space.