Our vision is an inclusive and welcoming adventure space for ALL women, valued and respected by commercial enterprise, free of ceilings and restrictions.


Our mission is to redefine ADVENTURE by empowering every woman to be an ADVENTURER. To demonstrate this and lead by example. 

To campaign for commercial viability and value for women working in the adventure space. 

To build a network of 1 million female Adventurers. 

To be a force to be reckoned with. To be the shoulders of the giants beneath the feet of future generations of female Adventurers.

Being the voice and authority of the industry, pulling it together, keeping it on track and accountable. 



We believe that ADVENTURE is an attitude, not an age group or an aptitude. 

We believe that Adventure is not an extreme performance sport reserved only for the elite. We believe it is simply about being outside. Living life outside of the comfort zone. BASE jumping or bushwalking, it all counts in our book.

We believe that we are the guardians of the adventure space, ensuring it remains a place that is safe from judgement and free from discrimination, welcoming and inviting and accepting of all. 

We believe that every woman is an individual, and is therefore by definition of her own uniqueness, a trailblazer, blazing her own trail. We value and respect her for this.

We believe that Adventure empowers us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

We believe Adventure offers every woman freedom. We seek to empower every woman to stake her claim and to own her pursuits.

We find strength in our connectedness and embrace our differences.

With open hearts and minds we express the joy, optimism and gratitude adventure inspires in us, through our words, thoughts and actions.



We do what is right. Even when it is hard.

Our decisions are gilded in the good of the mission.

We nurture physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

We lead with an open heart, a broad mind, and assume positive intent. 

We stand up for ourselves and others.

We do not compete, we collaborate. 

We champion one other as equals. We take turns in the lights and on the cheer squad. 

We recognise that another woman’s journey does not diminish our own. That our individual triumphs are the exponential triumph of all. 

We use our passion to support one another on our mutual mission of furthering womens adventure. 

We adapt to thrive. We are at our best when the circumstances are at their worst.

We are authentic. We speak from experience. We pool and share our knowledge, skills and resources.

We do not fail. We win or we learn.

We do it all for the adventure. We forge for those to come. 



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Campaigning and Commentary

Database and Business Network

Storytelling and Sharing

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